Large Commercial Buildings

Large Commercial Buildings
Large Commercial Buildings 2018-01-08T09:49:02+00:00

CGS proven building management solutions designed for large office buildings delivers measurable savings on energy consumption by major energy consuming assets (HVAC & Lighting). The solution also supports asset fault management system to drive overall operations efficiency.

  • HVAC Energy Management
  • Lighting Energy Management
  • Energy BMS(E-BMS)
  • Data Center Monitoring
  • Global Facility Management
  • Energy Analytics

Occupancy based lighting and HVAC systems management

Wireless occupancy sensors connected over a mesh network enable control of lighting and provide occupancy information to central software that drive AHU/VAV systems work at optimized settings to bring in energy savings up to 20%. Occupancy Sensors can be programmed to operate on a schedule as well as can be controlled remotely through central software

The sensors are also capable measuring daylight which enhances the energy saving potential where there is adequate supply of light through window.

Lighting Energy Management

CGS occupancy sensors control lights based on occupancy and Day light to bring in energy savings up to 8-15%.

Free Air Cooling Solution

The unique Enthalpy solution designed to take advantage of fresh air available outside buildings to cool the office space at the set temperature.

The solution ensures appropriate CO2 levels are maintained within the premises. Humidity levels are also monitored while fresh air is being brought in. Solution brings in 12-20% of energy savings.

Energy BMS (E-BMS):

A customized building management system with the focus on delivering energy savings along with Asset monitoring and control. The solution also provides asset fault monitoring and tracking via a ticketing management console that helps to keep track of the issues by facility teams and resolve them. The system also supports asset life cycle management features to track asset waranty, AMC, repairs etc.,