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Fulltime Placement

CGS’s fulltime placement solutions make sure that you are staffed with fully screened and trained employees.

Fulltime Placement | CGS Online

We have years of experience and expertise in providing fulltime employment/placement solutions. We study your requirements in detail and conduct a thorough talent screening, recruitment test and personality test to shortlist the candidates and we equip your company with the best professionals catered to your fulltime placement requirement. Our client-specific and consultative strategies make sure that we pick the right fit for your company to improve your organization’s productivity and growth.

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Contract To Hire

With decades of experience in this field, CGS is one of the leading talent acquisition partners in India.

Corp to Corp

As one of the leading workforce providers in the world, CGS’s talented pool of resourcing and recruiting staff can help you find the right people for your Corp to Corp needs.

Onsite And Offsite Staff Augmentation

CGS’s innovative solution for onsite and offsite staff augmentation enables you to complete your projects on time with quality.

Contingent Workforce Management

Finding it difficult to fill the growing talent gaps in your changing workforce? CGS’s contingent workforce management solutions can help you with that.

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