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Technology Solutions and Services

With ‘latest technology trends’ at the core of its ethos and
spirit, CGS found it’s calling in helping organizations adopt the
latest technology products and solutions for efficient and
transparent service delivery.

Technology Solutions & Services | CGS Online

Technology solutions and services

We, at CGS, recognize that IT solutions are as unique as the companies that use them. We combine both broad technology expertise and deep industry-specific insights on how technology impacts people and business processes and deliver simple technology solutions for your complex business issues. Here are a few technologies we use.


Azure is a scalable cloud computing platform and infrastructure by Microsoft that is meant for managing as well as building and deploying applications and services.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s leading on-demand cloud service provider. AWS offers a secure, scalable and powerful cloud platform to help your business scale and grow.


SAP is the No.1 ERP on the market. SAP offers a functionally rich and highly flexible suite of solutions that can be customized to meet every aspect of your business.

Oracle hyperion

Oracle offers a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications and platform services like Oracle cloud that provides on-demand cloud services and Oracle Hyperion, that helps to build complex and automated business logic that allows to perform tasks like budgeting, forecasting, etc. with ease.


Microsoft dynamic 365 is a CRM tool that offers a wide range of solutions using big data, analytics, social and mobile technologies along with dynamic 365 solutions.


Salesforce is the world’s leading cloud computing service as a software (SaaS) based customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Salesforce cloud offers an integrated CRM platform for your business to automate processes and streamline workflows.

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