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The client sought CGS to improve their business operations by digitalizing their customer onboarding process. The client faced difficulties in their traditional methods as it consumed more time and resources. The client lacked visibility into business operations and struggled to provide efficient customer service to the customers and they found it difficult to access the information they needed to enable strategic decisions. 

Upon thorough research and analysis of the client’s business process, CGS realized that they needed a reliable platform that would integrate all their processes and data, and function as a seamless interface between the client and customers. CGS decided to implement Salesforce CRM service to enable the client to provide seamless customer service experience to the customers.

We implemented the Salesforce sales cloud and service cloud at the client with a key unifying theme of improving customer centricity, speed to value and productivity through digitization. The client needed to create a central repository for customers and leads, to provide visibility of all customers being managed between multiple business units. CGS delivered a quality CRM implementation, featuring all info in one place and proactive customer service, data management & delivery of instant insights and recommendations, salesforce dashboards for home pages for different profiles, integration with Office 365 for calendar access, intelligently capturing customer emails & communication with less email and phone queries, simplifying repetitive tasks & improved collaboration between departments, assists with aligning KPI’s & supports and business continuity planning. As a result of CGS implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, the client was able to onboard customers easily with a seamless customer service experience. With more time to concentrate on business, the client saw a 30% growth in revenue in less than 6 months.