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At CGS, we focus on building products that not only meet today’s requirements but that also help our customers be better prepared for the future.

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The expert developers at CGS has built many innovative products to automate your business processes, thus supporting your digital transformation. specialized products with cutting-edge technologies such as supply chain, Big Data/Business Intelligence Analytics, cloud computing enables global organizations to achieve business objectives at an accelerated pace.

On-Premise to Cloud Automation

CGS has invested in developing a tool to automate the cloud migration journey for any customer, be it a small organization or a large global enterprise, this tool helps reduce the cost and time involved in the cloud migration.

Field Service Automation

CGS has developed a tool to automate the Field Services function of any organization. This tool helps organizations to automate their Field Service functions to ensure maximum productivity with zero downtime due to any outages.

Supply Chain Automation

Our Engineers have developed a product to automate complete supply chain lifecycle. This product helps organizations to automate their SCM functions to ensure maximum productivity with more efficiency.

Data centers/Faculty Management

Our Qualified programmers have developed an Integrated Data center/Facility Management software to automate the warehouse/facility of any customer. This helps organizations utilize their space in a more efficient manner, so no valuable real estate of theirs go underutilized.

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