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Business Problem:

A prominent Government Agency aimed to optimize its real estate management processes and maximize cost savings by leveraging the capabilities of the new ARCHIBUS application. The agency sought to identify and manage available, occupied, and characterized spaces more effectively. To achieve this, they initiated the Space Management Enhancement project. The goal was to expand the functionality of space management, enabling quicker cost savings and streamlined real estate processes.


In response to the agency’s objectives, CGS, in collaboration with its partner, proposed a comprehensive solution rooted in Systems Integration Services. The chosen approach involved developing a specialized space enhancement application using the synergy of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ARCHIBUS. The vision for the application hinged on the utilization of Dynamics 365’s robust Case Management functionality as a core, augmenting it with customized features to cater to both client and server needs.

The strategy extended beyond technical implementation. Team CGS focused on integrating best practices throughout the project lifecycle to construct and manage processes, introduce a user-friendly portal with distinct user roles and stringent security measures. The combined prowess of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ARCHIBUS offered unparalleled adaptability, allowing Team CGS to tailor the solution to perfection. This resulted in a cohesive, unified system, fostering enhanced utilization of the client’s real estate portfolio and generating substantial space usage savings.

The project went beyond the realm of technology. It necessitated substantial process reengineering, meticulous data migration, seamless integration, and meticulous business readiness measures. These efforts encompassed close collaboration with external stakeholders, ensuring their engagement in the design and training phases. This holistic approach was instrumental in ensuring the successful adoption of the new system by end-users.


Team CGS successfully executed the end-to-end solution, delivering an integrated, secure, and scalable space enhancement application. The application was equipped with all the functionalities outlined in the project’s scope, adhering to the stipulated budget and an agreed-upon 18-month timeline. Recognizing the importance of confidence in the solution’s capabilities, CGS also provided a 90-day warranty period for the application, showcasing their commitment to its seamless functioning.

The Space Management Enhancement project underscored CGS’s expertise in systems integration, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and ARCHIBUS. The collaborative approach, blending technological innovation with process reengineering, ensured that the Government Agency could efficiently optimize its real estate portfolio, leading to notable space usage savings and streamlined real estate management processes.

As a result, the Government Agency experienced tangible benefits, including heightened operational efficiency, optimized space utilization, and significant cost savings—outcomes that stand as a testament to the success of the Systems Integration Services provided by Team CGS.

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